PT GTSI should have seriously paid attention in Human Resources because the success of the Company is established by the quality of its human resources.

For crew, HITS always consistently arrange job training on board is routinely performed and kept continuously in order to regenerate and enhance the crew’s ability. 80% are listed as seafarers. In this regard, the company has carried out the Joint Working Agreement with Indonesian Seafarers Union (KPI) to regulate the functioning of the company with the sailors, among others, set the scale of salaries, working time, the rights and obligations of the sailors to the company and vice versa.


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code : 001 (contoh)

  • Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi baik
  • Dapat bertanggungjawab pada semua tugas-tugasnya
  • Bisa menjaga rahasia dan dapat dipercaya
  • Harus bisa berbahasa asing
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